Agenda E-TECH EUROPE 2023

Wednesday, 19 APRIL 2023

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Room batteries

Conference Room B
1st FLOOR (between hall 21 and 22)

10.00-11.30 | Inaugural session
La transizione automobilistica in Europa: mercato, filiera, programmi
(Session in Italian)
The automotive transition in Europe: market, supply chain, programs


Modera: Fulvio Giuliani, Direttore, La Ragione

Saluti di benvenuto: Gianpiero Calzolari, Presidente, Fiera di Bologna

Saluti istituzionali a cura di:

  • Stefano Bonaccini*, Presidente, Regione Emilia-Romagna 
  • Titolo tba
    Intervento a cura di FIA*
  • Il parco circolante italiano: svecchiamento ed elettrico
    Michele Crisci, Presidente, UNRAE
  • Titolo tba
    Mariacristina Gherpelli
    , Presidente, Clust-ER Mech (Cluster Emilia Romagna – Motoristica e Meccatronica)
  • La filiera automotive italiana e l’elettrificazione: prospettive e nuove opportunità
    Francesco Naso
    , Segretario generale, Motus-E
  • Titolo tba
    Nadia Garbellini*, Ricercatrice, Università di Modena e Reggio Emilia
  • Dimensionare la posizione dell’auto nel mercato della mobilità individuale: la chiave per capire la traiettoria dell’elettrificazione
    Fabrizio Arena, Partner – Automotive & Mobility, BIP – Business Integration Partners  
  • Title tba
    Speech by Rystad Energy*
  • Title tba
    Andrea Boraschi*, Director Italy, Transport & Environment
  • Conclusioni a cura di: 
    Andrea Poggio*, Legambiente

11.45 – 13.30
Batteries for automotive in Europe: market, supply chain, programs
(Session in English) 

Host: Luca Bono, CEO, Be2Hub

  • European Battery Alliance: state of the art
    Thore Sekkenes, European Battery Alliance Program Director, InnoEnergy Scandinavia AB
  • Italian and international initiatives for battery development and production
    Omar Perego, Project Manager, RSE
  • European dependence on automotive lithium batteries
    Ellie Gomes-Callus*, analyst, BloombergNEF
  • European independence from automotive lithium batteries
    Speech by T&E Italia*
  • Gigafactories are not independence
    Nuria Gisbert Trejo*, Director-general, CIC Energigune
  • How R&I for production equipment to develop sustainable battery manufacture in Europe
    Stefano Saguatti, Senior Battery Expert, Manz Italy
  • Title tba
    Speech by UpCell Alliance
  • Batteries for automotives in Europe: market, supply chain, programs (title tbc)
    Stefano Trivellato, Head of Italy Rep. Office and Business Dev. Manager EU & US, WonikPNE


14.00 – 16.00
Battery product development: architecture, BMS, thermal management, packs
(Session in English) 

  • What are some key technical choices to make for your battery projects in a fast changing industry?
    Francois Barsacq, CEO, easyLi Batteries
  • Wireless distributed BMS
    Speech by Marelli*
  • New generation cell-to-pack LFP batteries
    Nemanja Mikać*, CEO, ElevenEs
  • Title tbc
    Speech by Nuvoton*
  • Safety and performance: lightweight solutions for battery thermal management
    Mariagrazia Montaruli
    , Advanced Development Engineer, Röchling Automotive
    Ermanno Grotti
    , Advanced Development Engineer, Röchling Automotive
  • Battery packs: Thermal management for high power application
    Leone Martellucci, Partner and Advisor, Fast Charge Engineering 
  • EV Battery Applications -Openair-Plasma® technology for stable processes and durable modules
    Nicolò Frezza, Application Engineer, Plasmatreat Italia

    Other speeches by sponsors and exhibitors

16.15 – 17.30
Il futuro della Motor Valley
(Session in Italian)

Sessione a cura di VaiElettrico

programma in corso di definizione



Conference Room A

11.15 – 13.00
Architecture and integration of EVs
(Session in English)  

  • Fundamental vehicle architecture optimization for electrical propulsion
    Giovanni Stefani, R&D, Bugatti-Rimac 
  • Battery pack vehicle structure integration
    Chris McCaw, Chief Engineer Vehicle Integration, WAE-Williams Advanced Engineering
  • Advances in multimaterial EV battery enclosures
    Speech by SCS Stampi*
  • Chassis embedded energy
    Speech by IAV*
  • Title tba
    Speech by Energica*

Other speeches by sponsors and exhibitors

14.00 – 16.00
Components of EVs: motors, transmission and braking systems
(Session in English) 

  • From efficiency to experience: How the latest inverter technology is riding the waves of electrification
    Paolo Bargiacchi
    , Senior Product Manager, Electrification, McLaren Applied    
  • Electric motors, battery and inverter
    Johan Paulides, Founder, Advanced Electromagnetics
  • Engineering an efficient braking system for EVs
    Marco Pinna, Head of R&D Continental Engineering Service Italy, Continental Automotive
  • Transmission and gearbox challenges for EVs
    Massimo Milani*, Full Professor, UNIMORE – University of Modena and Reggio Emilia
  • Fastening the future in vehicle electrification: electrical contact resistance control and optimization
    Walter Mauri, Group Innovation Officer, Agrati Group
    Beatrice Occhionero
    , Innovation Coating Specialist, Agrati Group

16.15 – 17.30
Building electric powertrains: technical foundations and tips
(Session in English) 

Technical seminar by Advanced Electromagnetics

**to be invited


Conference Room C

11.15 – 13.00
The all-digital EV
(Session in English) 

Host: Riccardo Busetto, Journalist and Editor in Chief, NewBusiness Media 

  • Cyber security of EV powertrain systems: the ISO/SAE 21434 challenge
    Omar Morando, Head of OT Cybersecurity & Innovation Lab, Sababa Security
  • Integrating electric machines and drivers
    Johan Paulides, Founder, Advanced Electromagnetics
  • The cybersecurity of EV batteries: securing the BMS
    Speech by Analog Devices**/TUV Nord Mobilitat**
  • Intelligent pedestrian assistant for safe street crossing (Ipa2X) project
    Luca Salvatore, Public Manager, City of Modena
  • Indy Autonomous Challenge: how to autonomously drive a racecar at over 270 kph
    Micaela Verucchi, Project Manager, Hipert
  • The next generation connected vehicle
    Federico Veggia Bombardi, Regional Business Development Manager, Continental Engineering Services
  • Multi-Gig Single-pair Ethernet Networking for EV Automotive Applications
    Marco Accomazzo
    , Networking Specialist FAE EMEA, EBV Elektronik
  • Title TBA
    Speech by 2electron*

Other speeches by partners and exhibitors

14.00 – 16.00
Automotive Glass Technology Forum
(Session in English) 

  • Evolving production machinery for an evolving product: automotive glass
    Speech by Iocco Group*
  • WideEye and FeelGlass
    Giovanni Occhionorelli*, Marketing Manager, AGC Automotive Europe
  • Automotive glass head-up displays
    Lars B. Frick*, Global Head of Sales,  FLABEG Group
  • Glass products for high performance cars
    Fabio Vivi*, General Manager, Forghieri 
  • The new frontier in the quality control of automotive glass
    Luca Bruni, Automotive Glass Product Manager, Marposs

    Other speeches tbc

16.15 – 17.30
Supercars & Superbikes Summit
(Session in English) 

  • Title tba
    Marco Risi*, Electronic Architecture Development, Lamborghini
  • Title tba
    Fabrizio Favaretto*, Concept Engineering Technical Direction, Ferrari
  • Title tba
    Speech by Energica*
  • Title tba
    Speech by Aehra*
  • Title tba
    Speech by Hopium Machina*
  • Title tba
    Speech by FORZE Hydrogen races*

**to be invited