AIdAM – the Italian Association of Mechatronic Automation ( brings together companies that operate in the mechatronics sector, a science that combines mechanics, electronics and information technology-

AIdAM was founded in April 1999 to represent the innovative industrial sector of mechatronics.

Mechatronics is the science that studies the integration of three disciplines: mechanics, electronics and information technology, traditionally well separated by sector-specific knowledge, but now necessarily increasingly in contact with each other in the search for solutions for industrial automation needs (assembly, testing, handling).

AIdAM is the point of reference for all companies that gravitate around this innovative discipline, from manufacturers of “turnkey” automation systems to manufacturers and distributors of systems and components, including robotics and vision systems.
To date, the over 65 member companies provide high-tech production solutions and practical services of common interest, creating synergies with the research and cultural development centers of the sector.

E-TECH EUROPE 2024 hosted an area co-organized with AIdAM to exhibit the latest innovations in mechatronics and robotics with application to the automotive and electric vehicle manufacturing world.

The AIdAM area was located in Hall 21

AIdAM – the Italian Association of Mechatronic Automation