Cobat RIPA, consortium for the collection and recycling of spent batteries and accumulators

Cobat RIPA, consortium for the collection and recycling of spent batteries and accumulators

Cobat RIPA, together with Overpack, will also exhibit at E-TECH EUROPE 2023.

 Cobat RIPA is the main Italian consortium for the collection and recycling of spent batteries and accumulators. This non-profit, private law consortium, in line with the legal provisions for collective systems under Legislative Decree 188/2008, is a collection and recycling system accredited by the National Coordination Centre for Batteries and Accumulators (CdCNPA). Exhausted batteries and rechargeable are classified as waste batteries and accumulators (the acronym is RIPA in Italian). Cobat RIPA provides its members with solutions of excellence and services compliant with current regulations.

Cobat RIPA’s mission is very clear: make producers and importers of batteries and accumulators protagonists of circular economy, turning products that have reached the end of their normal life cycle into raw materials. Cobat RIPA helps companies to pursue a sustainable development both for the environment and for the entire national economic system, reducing waste and implementing new raw materials with a view of circular economy, following transparency, efficiency and sustainability.

Cobat RIPA offers integrated and customized services for the collection, treatment and recycling of exhausted batteries and accumulators, saving costs and reducing emissions into the atmosphere.

Cobat Box Lithium is designed for the storage and the transport of one or more damaged or defective lithium batteries in critical state that could evolve towards a thermal runaway. Cobat Box Lithium is an innovative 4A metal container approved for the safe management of damaged or defective lithium batteries, developed in Italy and certified in Germany by BAM, the Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing, the competent authority in Germany for the packaging of dangerous goods appointed by the German Ministry of Transport.

Cobat Academy is the Cobat platform dedicated to training, consulting and the sharing of know-how for companies focused on innovation, new opportunities and business models linked with sustainability. The Cobat Academy training programme offers regularly scheduled classroom and online courses, specific company training projects and elearning with on-demand use. It has four main catalogue areas: Environment, Sustainability, Health and Safety and the Circular Economy.

Cobat RIPA, together with Overpack,  is pleased to welcome you to its stand at Bologna Exhibition Centre, 19-20 April 2023.