Overpack, leader in in Dangerous Goods packaging solutions

Overpack, leader in in Dangerous Goods packaging solutions

Overpack will also exhibit at E-TECH EUROPE 2023.

Overpack is leader in Dangerous Goods packaging solutions, in particular those that involve Lithium Batteries.

 Overpack has been operating in this field for years, and has several products in stock, as the innovative UN 4A metal box, by which it is possible to safely store and transport one or more damaged or defective Lithium Batteries in a critical condition.

This metal case, designed in partnership with Cobat, is compliant with the special provision 376 and the packing instruction P911 of the ADR regulations for the transportation by road.

 Overpack also develops customized solutions for Clients, designing personalized packaging and offering 360-degree consulting services for any kind of transportation of their products (ADR – IMDG – ICAO-TI /IATA).

 Overpack’s Qualified Technicians can help Clients verify the suitability of their UN approved packaging,

and if needed takes care of the UN approval Test. Overpack avails itself of the most qualified European Certification Bodies and manages all technical and bureaucratic procedures, ensuring extremely competitive costs.

Furthermore, Overpack’s Specialists can help Clients with the preparation of goods (packaging and labelling) and fulfilment of the Transport Documents (Imo Multimodal or Shipper’s declaration) and sign them with assumption of responsibility if required.

Overpack is pleased to welcome you to its stand at Bologna Exhibition Centre, 19-20 April 2023.