Agenda E-TECH EUROPE 2023

thursday, 20 APRIL 2023

constantly updated

Room batteries

Conference Room B
1st FLOOR (between hall 21 and 22)

9.30 – 11.00
Battery systems for heavy road vehicles: trucks and buses
(Session in English)

In collaboration with La Fiaccola Editore

Host: tbc

  • Powertrain electrification for road applications
    Davide De Silvio*, Head of ePowertrain Sales and Customer Development, FPT Industrial, Iveco Group
  • Title tba
    Speech by SEM*
  • Heavy mobile recharging (titolo tbc)
    Speech by Designwerk Technologies AG*
  • MTB (Module to Bracket): engineering
    Paul Beach, President, Octilion USA
  • Blade Battery platform for electric buses
    Speech by BYD*


11.15 – 13.00
Foundation of new technologies: anode, cathode, electrolytes
(Session in English)

Host: tba

  • Battery2030+ Iniziative roadmap
    Carlotta Francia, Associate Professor, Polytechnic of Turin 
  • The Italian next generation batteries for the energy transition             
    Francesca Soavi, Associate Professor, Alma Mater Studiorum University of Bologna
  • New directions in catode materials
    Nagore Ortiz Vitoriano*, Researcher, CIC Energigune
  • Sodium- based batteries: the 4SBATT project
    Speaker tba
  • Electrolyte-electrode interphases in high voltage aqueous lithium-ion batteries
    Jie Li, Associate Professor, Energy Department, Polytechnic of Milan
  • New anode technology for ultrafast charging and long duration batteries
    Ping Liu*, Cofounder and CSO, TyFast
  • Liquefied Gas Electrolyte
    Cyrus Rustomji*, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer, South 8 Technologies
  • Building the Solid State Factory
    John Tinson, VP Sales and Marketing, Ilika Technologies
  • Title tbc
    Speech by Sovema

14.30 – 15.45
Recycling of batteries: reuse, machinery and processes
(Session in English)

Host: Marco Gamberale*, CEO, Innovatec 

  • Battery re-use: technical and economic challenges
    Luigi Mazzocchi, Research Director, RSE – Ricerca sul Sistema Energetico
  • Closed loop Lithium-ion battery recycling strategies and technologies
    Corrado Fantozzi, Head of International Business Development, Librec
  • Transportation of end-of-life lithium batteries
    Marco Ottaviani, Battery Regulatory, Environmental and Safety Affairs – Dangerous Goods Safety Adviser
  • LIB Recycling – A New Recycling Strategy
    Alessandro Baldini, Product Engineer, Riedhammer
  • Title tba
    Davide Casaro
    *, Environmental Manager, Confindustria Vicenza
  • Li-ion battery recycling toward the re-synthesis of battery precursors: the LIFE DRONE project
    Francesca Pagnanelli, Professor, Department of Chemistry, la Sapienza University of Rome
  • FREE4LIB EU funded project: Feasible recovery of critical raw materials through a new circular ecosystem for a Li-ion battery cross value chain in Europe
    Matilde Amadio
    , Strategic development & innovation specialist, Erion Energy
    Reconditioning battery packs (Title tbc)
    Mattia Faccin
    *, CEO, Mendeelev 
  • Closing the loop: Li-ion battery pack value chain solution
    Andrea Saletti, Technical Director – Lead Acid Batteries, MIDAC Batteries
  • Making lithium-ion batteries a circular & sustainable product
    Alessandro Tripoli
    , Head of sales South Europe, Li-Cycle
  • Title tba
    Speech by Cobat

Other speeches by partners and sponsors

16.00 – 17.30
Recycling of batteries: traceability, metals extraction
(Session in English)

  • Battery recycling in Europe: sizing the potential market
    Massimo Leonardo*, Principal, Strategy&  
  • Recycling and black mass production
    Angelo Forestan, CEO, Spirit
  • Circular economy and the fate of lithium batteries: the regione lombardia ecocirc initiative
    Eliana Quartarone, Associate Professor Department of Chemistry, University of Pavia
  • Traceability of battery materials
    Fearghal Kearney, Vice President of Sales EMEA, Circulor
  • New methods for materials extraction from LFP batteries
    Jeroen Spooren, Senior Researcher, VITO
  • Expectations of use of refined black mass for use in ceramic production (in collaboration with Colorobbia)
    Marco Visentin*, CEO, ESMAR 
  • A new hybrid heating microwave method to substitute classical pyrometallurgical strategies for spent batteries recovery
    Elza Bontempi
    , Full Professor, University of Brescia  

Other speeches by partners and sponsors



Conference Room A

9.30 – 11.00
Recycling of electric motors
(Session in English)

  • Building a European recycling supply chain for rare earths permanent magnets
    Edoardo Righetti, Research assistant, CEPS
  • Sustainable recycling of rare earths magnets
    Andrea Caneschi*, President, INSTM
  • Use of recycled rare-earths for fully functional permanent magnets
    Konrad Opelt*, Project Head, FunMAG, Fraunhofer Institute
  • Automated process for dismantling of electric motors and rare earths magnets recycling: NEW-RE
    Marco Guolo, CTO, Osai Green Tech SB

Other speeches by partners and sponsors

11.15 – 13.00
Beyond cars: industrial and off-road EV technology
(Session in English)

in collaboration with La Fiaccola Editore

  • Designing an electrical powertrain for off-road applications
    Walter Vinciotti*, CEO and Founder, Privè   
  • Technologies and solutions for off-road  electrification
    Speech by Webasto*
  • Vehicle architecture for light and medium off-road vehicles
    Speech by Volvo CE*
  • Title tba
    Carlo Mondavi*, Co-founder, Monarch  
  • Battery packs for heavy duty vehicles
    Paul Beach, President, Octilion
  • Electric renaissance
    Andrea Ugatti, Commercial & After Sales Director, Goldoni – Keestrack
  • Energy Management Systems and energy recovery in off-road vehicles
    Speech by Parker*
  • EV for city services
    Marco Meier*, Managing Director and R&D, Bucher Municipal

Other speeches by partners and sponsors

14.30 – 17.00

Testing, diagnostics and safety of battery systems, electric motors and inverters
(Session in English)

  • Battery testing in the production of Li-ion cells
    Franco Stanghellini, EV Industry Manager, Marposs
  • How to face EV modules Test Challenges
    Luca Corli
    , Director of sales, SEICA
  • Automotive EMC Standards and Test Methods applicable to EV Battery systems
    Roberto Colombo, EMC/ Radio / ITS Laboratory Manager, IMQ
  • Material Characterization of Battery components through orthogonal techniques
    Dario Giuseppe Bozzo, Sales Specialist, Alfatest

Other speeches by partners and sponsors



Conference Room C

9.30 – 11.00

Design of EVs
(Session in English)

  • Accurate simulation from the vehicle concept phase
    Daniele Severi, Advanced Simulation Technologies Sales Manager, AVL Italia
  • Title tba
    Speech by Comsol
  • Title tba
    Speech by Italdesign
  • Title tba
    Speech by UP Design*
  • Title tba
    Speech by Forze*
  • Structural design of solar powered vehicles
    Giangiacomo Minak, Professor, Alma Mater Studiorum – University of Bologna 

11.15 – 13.00

The on-vehicle power delivery network: which model?
(Session in English)

Host: Riccardo Busetto, Journalist and Editor in Chief, NewBusiness Media 

  • Advantages of 800V battery systems
    Adriano Titta, Battery System Engineer, AVL Italia
  • An 800V silicon carbide-based inverter
    Speech by Marelli PWT*
  • Power electronics for 800 volt EVs
    Speech by ZF*
  • A modular approach to EV PDN
    Speech by Vicor*
  • High power output systems vs high voltage systems
    Luca Giammichele*, Research Fellow, University and Polytechnic of Marche Region
  • Title tbc
    Speech by XEV*

14.30 – 15.45

Vehicle-level power management in EVs
(Session in English)

  • Integrated Modular Distributed Drivetrain for Electric & Hybrid Vehicles
    Mikko Pihlatie*, Principal Scientist, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland
  • Thermal management requirements and strategies for electric vehicles to maximise overall efficiency
    Neil Cheeseman, Head of Business Development, Driveline & Electrification, Continental Engineering Services
  • Title tba
    Speech by Hopium*
  • EV thermal management
    Francesco Andreis*, V.P. Sales and Marketing, Fluid-o-tech
  • Fast switching system in automotive application
    Massimiliano Morelli
    , Field Application Engineer, Skyworks Solutions

**to be invited