BIEFFE PROJECT your best partner on engineering, virtual validation and prototyping services

BIEFFE PROJECT your best partner on engineering, virtual validation and prototyping services

BIEFFE PROJECT is an engineering company born in Modena, the center of Motor Valley’s beating heart. Thanks to its over twenty years of experience, it takes active part in the automotive and industrial sector.

Working constantly on different projects has allowed the company to acquire a professional knowledge and a strong awareness of the latest mechanical and industrial innovations. Also, a continuous growth has given it the opportunity to form a high qualified team, with the aim to offer an excellent service and to respond in a rapid and efficient way to every kind of customer request.

Indeed, in the last years BIEFFE PROJECT is working on new challenging activities, focused on the design and production of the latest electrical hype cars and supercars.

Nowadays, BIEFFE PROJECT is a certified supplier of engineering services to some of the most important international ODMs.

Thanks to this constant collaboration, the company is able to follow every phase of the projects, such as stylistic sketches, product and process engineering, product maintenance and optimization like cost weight reduction and anomaly management.

BIEFFE PROJECT focuses its activities on engineering, virtual validation and prototyping services.

To ensure the higher professional level, the company uses the experience of its R&D department to come up with the most advanced solutions with the latest technologies. Also, the close collaboration with its macro feasibility team and the style department can provide several proposals on all the aspects of the process, such as compliance with regulations, ergonomic, homologation, economic, technological and production constraints.

BIEFFE PROJECT can create one-off cars, with the help of self-made prototype parts. The need to build models and prototypes, plays a decisive role for the project’s success. For this reason, the company affords a complete service to achieve a top quality product, which includes the definition of the prototype characteristics, materials, production methods, using the most advanced prototyping techniques such as its 3D printers and CNC milling machine.

Moreover, BIEFFE PROJECT’s team uses virtual validation methods to predict the single component or the full vehicle behavior with increasing reliability. This allows the company to gather precious information to reduce the time and cost of the prototyping and testing phase, from the early stages of project development.