CSI S.p.A. Automotive Business Unit

CSI S.p.A. Automotive Business Unit

CSI will also exhibit at EVTech EUROPE – Battery Industry /E-TECH EUROPE 2022.

CSI S.p.A., an IMQ Group Company, through its Automotive BU is a European center of excellence in the field of vehicle testing with an integrated platform of services, skills and facilities that span the entire range of new product development, from validation and regulatory and/or voluntary compliance checks to the homologation services.

The Laboratories are part of the restricted network of the European Association EuroNCAP (7 laboratories) operating for 20 years in the active and passive safety rating of new vehicles for the EU market.

The same laboratories have been recognized as Technical Centers by the Government Authorities of Motor Vehicles Homologation of Ireland (NSAI) – Nethrerlans (RDW) – German (KBA), for the validation of the EU homologation tests and are recognized by multiple international ministerial Authorities for the product homologation in USA and ASIA.

In the Automotive field, CSI is the strategic supplier of the main OEM’S, Tier1 and Tier2, operating mainly through its headquarters in Milan with testing laboratories and test tracks.

The range of engineering services covers the fields of active and passive safety, vibro-acoustics, development of engine performance (with particular attention to reducing emissions), vehicle dynamics, verification and qualification of mechanical and mechatronic systems and components, numerical simulation, validation of systems integration and related vehicle performance. CSI has experience in managing turn-key projects, from the experimental development plan to the certification and final approval phase.

CSI is also active in the field of development, testing and homologation of automotive batteries and battery systems in accordance with the main European and extra-European regulatory standards.

Finally, CSI commitment is aimed at participation in the technical working groups whose goal is to identify the safety performance requirements for the vehicles of the future.

Headquarters: Viale Lombardia 20/B, 20021 Bollate (MI), Italy
Tel. +39-02-383301
E-mail: salesdepartment@csi-spa.com
Web: automotive.csi-spa.com