Fratelli Galli, since 1960 Laboratory and Industry Solutions

Fratelli Galli, since 1960 Laboratory and Industry Solutions

Fratelli Galli will also exhibit at E-TECH EUROPE 2023.

Since 1960 Fratelli Galli provides equipment for the scientific laboratory and the industrial testing.

Today the Company is a leader in the sector and offers all its experience to customers who are located throughout Italy and all over the world. Whatever your application, at Galli you will find listening to your specific needs. If among its products there is not what is right for you, Fratelli Galli is available to design and create a new tool that meets your expectations.

Fratelli Galli offers consultancy in the development, design and construction of test equipments. The Company also offers after-sales service to guarantee customer’s investment over the years.

The Company specialty is Environmental Simulation: Heat, Cold, Humidity, Vacuum, Altitude, Vibration, Corrosion, Gas, Atmosphere, Lights are our some of its expertise.

Fratelli Galli products are: Climatic Test Chambers, Thermostatic, Cryogenic, from small to very Large accessible Walk in Chambers, Lithium Batteries Tests Chambers, Shelters, Storages Cabinets, EUCAR levels, Electrodynamic Tables, Vibration, HALT and HASS Stress Systems.
VOC Emission Tests Chambers, Thermostatic Laboratory Ovens, Forced Air, Natural Convection, Vacuum and Inert Gas Ovens, Industrial Ovens, High Temperature Muffle Furnaces, Top Loading Ovens, Floor Loading Ovens, Shelf and Multi-Chamber Ovens. Salt Spray Test Cabinets, Cyclic Salt Spray Corrosion Tests Chambers. Kesternich SO2 and Humidostats, Humidity Test Apparatus. Thermostatic Baths, Cryostats, Chillers, Viscometer Transparent Baths and Thermostats, Immersion Test Baths, Water, Oil and Sand, Ultrasonic Cleaners. Laboratory and Industrial Refrigerators and Chambers, Freezers and ULF Ultra-Low-Freezers.

The Company provides you equipment in accordance with norms and standards, like: ASTM, UL, DIN, ISO, CEI, BS, MIL, FIAT, GW, PSA, GM, VW, VDA, Volvo, Ford, DEF, IEC, JIS, EUCAR,…

UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company FGAS UE 2015/2067

Fratelli Galli is pleased to welcome you to its stand at Bologna Exhibition Centre, 19-20 April 2023.