IMA AUTOMATION is the segment of IMA Group composed of leading companies in the automation and assembly industry, with over 50 years of experience.

IMA AUTOMATION is the segment of IMA Group composed of leading companies in the automation and assembly industry, with over 50 years of experience.

IMA AUTOMATION  will also exhibit at  EV-TECH / E-TECH EUROPE 2022.

The perfect addition to the already consolidated packaging experience of IMA, allowing a synergy in the sharing of clients and widening our offer of technological solutions.

Through the IMA AUTOMATION Division, the Group started the creation of an hub that gathers plants and technological skills, to offer partners and clients a global support, a better product engineering and even more advanced services in plant’s management and maintenance.

With its integrated network of companies which guarantees a worldwide coverage, IMA AUTOMATION designs and manufactures advanced technology lines for handling and assembling parts for different applications fields, such as Automotive, E-Mobility, Electrical Motors.

The IMA AUTOMATION hub put particular attention to the sustainable side of mobility. In fact, a dedicated segment is capable of developing an extensive range of innovations and implementations thanks to the synergy between the companies that make it up.

Join our IMA AUTOMATION Hub. Electrical motors play a fundamental role when it comes to environmental impact, and IMA AUTOMATION has a wide range of sustainable solutions in its portfolio. Being part of the hub: IMA AUTOMATION ATOP and IMA AUTOMATION FASP will present their assembly technologies for the e-mobility.


While covering the full spectrum of technologies, IMA AUTOMATION is your strategic partner for the electric motors production and assembly. Tailored technologies to meet quality and production requirements in all winding and assembly processes.

IMA AUTOMATION has a consolidated know-how in rotors and stators assembly technology for traction electric motors:

  • Hairpin stator assembly line – The hairpin technology is an innovative solution for the electric traction due to its very high flexibility and wire forming quality. This technology enables the maximization of the stator cavity filling to obtain a higher power with a more compact motor.
  • Coil winding stator assembly line – Innovative and flexible coil winding and inserting technology. Applied in high performance processes with winding bow along with the rotating shapes technology.
  • Single pole stator assembly line – Complete lines for fully automatic single pole stratification winding, assembly, fusing and testing.
  • Permanent magnet rotor assembly line – Advanced process management system for high-speed magnetic rotor assembly. The assembly of these rotors requires maximum accuracy, guaranteed by an excellent control of each phase of the process.
  • Winding rotor assembly line – Precise flyer winding technology, with high level of flexibility, upon customers’ requirements. The production of such rotors requires complex assembly processes combined with a strong design capability.