UNRAE officially supports E-TECH 2023

UNRAE officially supports E-TECH 2023

E-TECH 2023 enjoys the patronage of UNRAE.

UNRAE, Unione Nazionale Rappresentanti Autoveicoli Esteri, is the Association of foreign car makers operating in Italy in the trade and distribution of cars, trucks and commercial vehicles, trailers and buses, with their network of technical assistance and spare parts distribution.

Nowadays UNRAE is the most valuable partner of the Institutions, providing data, statistics, assessments and scenarios that are supporting the work of the Ministries and other relevant authorities in the management of road transportation. UNRAE is the main source of information and analysis of the automotive market and – not only for its own member companies – a point of reference for all stakeholders. Since 2013 UNRAE is part of SISTAN, the National Statistical System of ISTAT.

UNRAE, founded on November 24, 1950 by 10 members entrepreneurs who belong to the history of the automobile in Italy, is currently chaired by Michele Crisci while Andrea Cardinali is the General Manager of the Association.

Currently, 42 companies are members of UNRAE.

UNRAE is glad to welcome you to E-TECH , Bologna Exhibition Centre, 19-20 April 2023.