Young Chang: More Technology, Better Cabled since 1986

Young Chang: More Technology, Better Cabled since 1986

Young Chang – together with Itaca – will exhibit at E-TECH EUROPE 2023.

Young Chang is a leading manufacturer of high-quality triple insulation wire. They specialize in the production of wires that have three layers of insulation, making them highly reliable, safe, and efficient.

Young Chang wires are made using the latest technology, they use only the highest quality materials to ensure their wires are durable and long-lasting.

Their triple insulation wires are used in a variety of industries, including automotive, electronics, construction, and aerospace.

At Young Chang, they pride themelves on their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Their experienced team of engineers and technicians ensures that every wire they produce meets or exceeds the highest standards of safety, reliability, and performance.

They offer a wide range of triple insulation wire products, including single-conductor, B class (130°C) or F class (155°C) and litz.

Young Chang and Itaca are pleased to welcome you to their stand at Bologna Exhibition Centre, 19-20 april 2023.