Onda Solare, designing and building of solar vehicles

Onda Solare, designing and building of solar vehicles

Onda Solare will also exhibit at E-TECH EUROPE 2023.

Onda Solare is a solar car team born in 2005 as a volunteers sport association. During the years and thanks to the support of the University of Bologna, Onda Solare became a motley team composed of students, professors, engineers, researchers, technicians, retirees, and any passionate people who want to actively contribute to the project.

In designing and building solar vehicles, the goal of the team is to demonstrate that sustainable mobility is not just a dream but it is already a reality.

All the vehicles made by Onda Solare are entirely realized with ultra-light composite materials, they are equipped with monocrystalline silicon solar panels, a Li-ion battery pack, and one or two efficient in-wheel electric motors.

The Onda Solare starting project was Emilia 1, a solar-panel pedal-assisted bicycle with which the team joined the World Solar Cycle Challenge 2005.

Then, it was the turn of Emilia 2: a single-seat solar car with which Onda Solare joined the World Solar Challenge 2011 from Darwin to Adelaide.

In 2013 Emilia 3 was born, a single-seat car with which Onda Solare joined several challenges from Australia to Morocco, from Chile to Belgium.

A great step forward was the construction of the solar car Emilia 4: a 4-seat vehicle with two in-wheel electric motors. The high autonomy, the efficient electric motors, the low weight of the car, and an accurate race strategy let the team win one of the most important solar car races in the world: the American Solar Challenge 2018.

Emilia 4 was definitely the Onda Solare flagship and the team decided to join the World Solar Challenge 2019, the European Solar Challenge 2021 (1st place), and 2022 (2nd place).

Nowadays, the team is working on the project of the new solar car, Emilia 5, a new multi-seat vehicle.

At E-TECH EUROPE 2023, Onda Solare will put on display the solar car Emilia 4 and will participate at the conference session dedicated to the design of EVs (speech by Giangiacomo Minak, Professor Alma Mater Studiorum – University of Bologna, “Structural design of solar powered vehicles”, Conference Room C Hall 21, Thursday 20th April).